Crafters Corner April 2021

Thanks for visiting! Here are the instructions for the craft we did on 4/8/2021 on Zoom.

Beginning Embroidery

Materials You Will Need:
* Embroidery Kit (Provided)

1. Carefully open the bag and arrange the accessories.
2. Open your hoop by twisting the top peg nearly all the way. Place your cloth in the center of the smaller hoop and push the larger hoop (with the peg) over the cloth and smaller loop.
3. Stretch the cloth so that it is taut and begin tightening the peg by twisting so the cloth is trapped between the two hoops. Stretch the cloth if you need to smooth out wrinkles and keep it taut.
4. Look at the instructions and read those carefully. Pick which color you want to start and thread your needle.
5. Following stitching diagrams, use that color and an appropriate stitch for the design you are making. Use the patterns printed on the cloth as a guide.
6. Continue step 5 with all the colors until you are done.
7. You can continue to use this cloth as practice or remove it from the hoop and frame it for a fun decoration. Reuse the hoop for other embroidery fun!

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