Crafters Corner Aug 2020

Thanks for visiting! Here are the instructions for the craft we did on 8/27/2020 at 3pm on Zoom.

Watercolor Quotes & Thank You Notes

Materials you will need:

*Watercolor Paper with Printed Quotes (provided)
*Thank You Notes – (provided)
*Watercolor Paint – (provided)
*Gallon Size Zip Top Bag – (provided)
*White Crayon – (provided)
*2 Cups Of Water (one for brush cleaning, one for wetting down your paper) (not provided)
*Paper Towels (not provided)

1. Lay your printed paper down on some newspapers or a surface you don’t mind getting wet/stained.
(OPTIONAL) Use a white crayon to draw designs or pictures on the printed paper. Use firm pressure. Watercolors won’t stick to wax and you can use that to make silhouettes or other designs as you desire)
2. Cover your printed paper with a zip top bag so you can see your design through the plastic bag, and align it accordingly.
3. Wet your brush and choose the colors you want to paint. Use liberal amounts of paint, about 3 coats per color. Paint on the zip top where you would like the colors to roughly be on your printed paper, but only paint on the zip top bag. The watercolor will bead on the plastic.
4. Once you are satisfied with your color choice and the amount of watercolor on the zip top bag, gently pull it to the side.
5. Using a clean brush (clean as best as you can in the dirty water), use the clean water to moisten the printed paper where you would like the watercolor to adhere. You don’t need much, just enough to wet the paper so there is no white showing.
6. Gently and carefully flip the zip top bag over and onto your wet printed paper. Using your fingers, gently push the watercolors around to mix and merge the color.
7. Once you have your desired look, remove the zip top bag and use a paper towel to blot the excess watercolor. Use a clean part of the towel with each blot so you don’t accidentally mix colors.
8. Let dry & frame!

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