Crafter’s Corner Dec 2020

Let It Snow Shadow Boxes

Materials You Will Need:
* Shadowbox (Provided)
* Scrapbook Paper (Provided)
* Glue Dots (Provided)
* Fake Snow (Provided)
* Snowflake Stickers (Provided)

1. Gently bend back the prongs holding the backing of the shadowbox in place.
2. Using glue dots and scrapbook paper (may need to be trimmed to size) adhere the scrapbook paper to the back of the shadowbox so that when replaced, the picture shows outward through the glass.
3. Gently sprinkle in the fake snow and replace the back of the shadowbox, using the prongs to secure it in place.
4 Affix the stickers on the front of the glass of the shadowbox, arranging how you would like.

Embroidery Loop Ornaments

Materials You Will Need:
* Embroidery Loop (Provided)
* 1 Square of cloth (Provided)
* Bow (Provided)
* Hanging String (Provided)

1. Unscrew the top of the embroidery loop.
2. Place square of cloth over the smaller inner ring of the embroidery loop, and push larger outer ring of embroidery loop over the cloth and inner ring.
3. Pull the fabric to get desired tautness. Tighten the outer embroidery loop with the screw.
4. Affix bow and hanging string.
5. OPTIONAL: Decorate as needed. You can sew a pattern into the cloth, or add stickers or other adornments to the cloth.

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