Crafters Corner Feb 2021

Thanks for visiting! Here are the instructions for the craft we did on 2/11/2021 on Zoom.

Heart Shaped No-Sew Pillow

Materials You Will Need:
* Heart Pillow Package (Provided)
* Extra adornments (Not Provided)

1. Open the package and separate the materials. You should have stuffing, and two fringed hearts cut from cloth.
2. Line up the two cloth hearts and begin to tie a knot using the fringes that line up. One from one cloth, and one from the other.
3. Do this all the way around the heart until you are 3-5 fringes from where you initially started.
4. Use the small opening to push in your poly-fill and spread it out evenly into the pillow.
5. Tie off the remaining fringes to complete your no-sew pillow.
6. Add extra adornments or embroider cute sayings into the pillow like XOXO or “Cutie Pie”

Heart-Shaped Box

Materials You Will Need:
* Heart-Shaped Box (Provided)
* Glitter/Sequins (Provided)
* Glue (Provided)
* Stickers (Provided)
* Extras (Not Provided)

1. Open your box and take out the glitter/sequins and stickers.
2. Decide how you want to use your materials and how you want your box to look.
3. You can add extras such as tissue paper or paint ahead of time to make it look more how you desire.
4. Stick on stickers and glue on the glitter/sequins.

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