Crafters Corner Jan 2021

Snowflake DecoMesh Wreaths

Materials You Will Need:
* Wire Wreath Frame (Provided)
* White DecoMesh (Provided)
* White Pipe Cleaners (Provided)
* Ribbon (Provided)
* Scissors (Not Provided)
* Extra Decorations (Not Provided)

1. Cut 6-8 pipe cleaners into thirds.
2. Decide the look and style of your wreath and if you want a full or very full wreath. If desiring a full wreath, cut the longer rolls of decomesh down the center while unrolling. For a very full wreath, do not cut the decomesh at all.
3. For the bunch method, take the end of the decomesh and wrap a pipe cleaner tight around it, then affix it to the wreath.
-For the ruffled method, cut a 18 inch length and pinch it in the middle the entire length of the 18 inches, then tie a pipe cleaner around the middle.
-For the loop method, cut an 8 inch square and roll it into a tight roll. Once you have 3-4 rolls, tie those together in the middle with a pipe cleaner.
4. Depending on your style, continue to bunch/attach the mesh and wrap pipe cleaners every 6-8 inches and attach that to the wreath.
5. Keep going all the way around until you have the desired look and fullness.
6. Once finished you can add extras like ribbons, signs, string beads, garland, ornaments, lights, etc.

Watch the videos below for more guided instructions on your individual preference.

The Bunch Method

The Ruffled Method

The Loop Method

Snowflake Ornaments

Materials You Will Need:
* Pipe Cleaners (Provided)
* Beads (Provided)
* Scissors (Not Provided)

1. Cut your pipe cleaner into 3rds or in half depending on the size of snowflake you wish.
2. Place 3 lengths together and twist several times in the middle. Place a bead in the middle over this twist.
3. Pull apart the top and bottom pipe cleaner lengths to make a snowflake shape.
4. Affix beads and other pipe cleaners to get the desired look.
5. Use a string or another length of pipe cleaner to affix it to wreaths, or hang it for decoration.

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