Crafters Corner March 2021

Thanks for visiting! Here are the instructions for the craft we did on 3/11/2021 on Zoom.

Diamond Paint Keychains

Materials You Will Need:
* Diamond Keychain Base (Provided)
* Diamond Paint Tools: Wax Heart, Tray, Pen (Provided)
* Gemstones: In Coordinated Bags (Provided)
* Keychain (Provided)

1. Carefully open the bag and arrange gemstone bags by number/letter.
2. Peel the top layer off your wax heart and use your pen tool to core some wax into the tool.
3. Choose one gemstone bag to start with and pour the stones into your tray.
4. Peel back the layer on your heart or butterfly keychain base to reveal the adhesive.
5. Using your waxed pen tool, pick up a gemstone from the tray and place it on the corresponding number/letter. Do this until all of that number/letter are finished.
6. Pour remaining gemstones back into the bag and work on the next number/letter until this side of your keychain is finished
7. Flip over and do the same steps 1-6 on the back side.
8. Using the flat, back side of the tray, press down to securely adhere the gemstones to the base.
9. Attach the keychain.

Perler H2O Bead Kit

Materials You Will Need:
* Perler H2O Bead Kit (Provided)
* Water (Not Provided)

1. Gently open the package and separate out all the items inside.
2. Fill your water sprayer with water.
3. Using the tray and beads, arrange the beads on the tray in whichever shape you desire, or follow the guide.
4. Once complete, spray the beads with water and let dry. The water will fuse them together. No heat or iron required!

Can be used as ornaments, gifts, adornments, d├ęcor, etc.

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