Crafters Corner May 2021

Thanks for visiting! Here are the instructions for the craft we did on 5/6/2021 on Zoom.

Pendant Jewelry

Materials You Will Need:
* Metal Pendants (Provided)
* Clear Glass Gems (Provided)
* Cord/Necklace/Chains (Provided)
* Designs (Provided)
* Glue (Provided)
* Scissors (Not Provided)

1. Choose and image from the given designs. Using the glass gem and matching pendant as a guide, mark and cut the picture to fit the glass gem.
2. Apply a thin layer of glue (watered down if you like), on the flat side of the glass gem. Completely covering the entire surface of the gem.
3. Immediately attach the glass gem to the cut image and press together for at least 10 seconds.
Tip: If air bubbles appear, move glass gem in a circular motion on top of the image while applying pressure. Do not move the image after 10 seconds or it may rip.
4. Glue will be completely dry after 60 mins.
5. Once dry, trim off the excess paper on the outside of the glass gem.
6. Place a thin layer of glue in the tray of the matching metal pendant, covering the entire surface of the tray.
7. Place the glass gem into the metal pendant t ray and press together for at least 10 seconds. Set a heavy object on top of the glass gem to help with adhesion. Wait at least 3 hours before wearing.

Leather Coin Pouch

Materials You Will Need:
* Leather Gusset (Provided)
* Leather Body (Provided)
* Cord (Provided)
* Needle (Provided)
* Thread (Provided)
* Scissors (Not Provided)

Note: This is an un-tooled, un-dyed leather kit. If you would like to do tooling, design, or dying, it would need to be done prior to assembling.

1. Using thread and needle, attach the body to the gusset, aligning holes of the body over holes in the gusset (smooth sides up). Sew the two pieces of leather together using a double running stitch.
2. Using the cord, feed cord ends down through the two holes in the side of the body piece that has the socket half of the snap. Pull cord ends through until even. Using one end, weave cord in and out around gusset until cord comes out of the other side of the body piece that has the snap cap. Repeat with the other cord end on the other side.
3. To close pouch, pull loose ends of cord until pouch closes. Use snaps to close fully.

Tip: For a more finished look, tap stitched down flat with a mallet.

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