Fictional Profile

Fun Social Activity For Tweens & Teens !! Creating a fictional character profile.

You may create a profile on a virtual platform (like facebook) or you can create it on paper and photograph the finished product.  

The best profile will win their choice of a set of earbuds or the chance to win a library drawing prize.

Your profile will be judged on three items:

1. Originality and 2. Recognizability – this means you can pick someone from classic fiction, but maybe you want to present them as SteamPunk or in a skirt rather than pants or as a scary version (or a happy version of Freddy Fazbear).  We want to know who you are, but giving it a personal twist is important.

3. Detail – this means providing a page worth of Biography for your character.  Here are some ideas of what to include:

*At least one photo of you in character cosplay or a drawing
*Where does your character work?
*High school?
*What city do they live in now?
*Are they in a relationship?
*What language do they speak?
*What are their religious or political views?
*Do they have a nickname?
*Some of their favorites – color, book, movie, quote?

When you’ve completed your profile, send the link or the picture to me at

You have until July 16th to send it!

Here’s an example if you are unsure of what to post!

I’m looking forward to it.


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