Fun Activities Without TV

Miss Christy has made up a fun list of activities that your kids can do without TV and electronics. Here’s a short sampling of ideas. Kids learn through play.

-Alphabet Zoo: Take turns coming up with an animal for each letter of the alphabet. “I went to the Zoo and I saw an Aardvark!” “I went to the Zoo and I saw a Baboon!”

-Animal foot prints: Go outside and see if you can identify different animals’ footprints. 

-Balancing act: Use painter’s tape to create lines for your kids to walk on; straight lines, zig zag lines, have them follow the lines like a tightrope, give  them something to balance or carry, see if they can do it backwards.

-Balloon Volleyball:  Blow up a balloon, indicate a ‘net’ (maybe the back of your couch), see how long you can keep the game going.

-Bubble basketball: Set up rings or indicate objects (maybe chairs) that bubbles can float through.  Have your kids try to blow bubbles through the obstacles for points, losing points if the bubbles don’t make it or break.

-Bean Bag Games: If you have bean bags they can be used to toss, balance, and mark for different easy games.  If you don’t have bean bags, they are easy enough to create with an old clean sock filled with dry beans or rice.  You can have kids toss them back and forth, starting close together and taking a step back until the bag is dropped.  They can balance a bag on their head and walk the Balancing act (see above), you can mark spaces on the sidewalk with chalk or pencil and see if they can toss to or beyond the mark.

-Chain story: Start a story and tell it for a few minutes, then have each child make up their own partition.

-Cereal Box City: save old cereal boxes and help your child decorate them like storefronts or homes, cut out doors and windows and create small cardboard people to live in your city.  Or find Lego figures to move in.

-Chain Drawing: Begin drawing an animal or scene and let each child add to it.

-Cloud watching: go outside and lay down.  Look up at the clouds.

-Color Blots: Give your child non toxic paints, or colorful foods like ketchup and mustard and create blots and blobs of color.

-Concentration: You can use cards of any sort, or pictures printed on card stock.  Start with them picture side up and give your child time to look at them.  Turn the cards over so the pictures are face down.  Now ask your child if they can find the pairs of pictures from memory.  Take turns until all the pairs of pictures have been found.

-Construction Paper Greetings: Make cards from construction paper and send them to friends and relatives.

-Crayon Rubbings: Place a blank piece of paper over tree bark or a leaf or a raised marker (gravestone, keystone, or memorial) and rub a crayon on the paper.

-Cryptograms: create a secret code and write messages back and forth with it.  You can substitute numbers for letters (A =1 and so on), find some codes online, or make up your own.

-Sidewalk chalk: create shadow art, outline body parts, or free form art!

-Colored Pasta Sorting Bin: use different colored pasta mixed in one bin and have kids sort it by color into smaller containers.

-Make a mud cake.

-Make a stick maze:  this can be big or small depending on the natural supplies that are available to you.

-Build a birds nest: Gather grass and twigs and build your own nest.

-Take turns reading out loud.

Can you think of more fun and creative ways to spend time learning, exploring, and growing without electronics? Give it a try!

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