Other Library Lending Materials

Good News!! We have started to receive courier services again and our resource sharing will be restarted.  We received courier for the first time yesterday and (as with all materials coming in) it is under its 72 hour quarantine. 

When you are putting an item on hold, please check the catalog as not all libraries are at the same point we are in the resource sharing process. 

Item pulls will be done daily. Below is the step-by-step instructions on how to place an item from another library on hold to be picked up and brought to our library via courier.

Step 1: Visit Our Catalog and login with your library card # and password!
Step 2: Search for the item you are wanting to put on hold.
Step 3: Make sure it says “Available From A Different Library”
*If it says “On Shelf” then give us a call instead of placing a hold online. This ensures that we do indeed have it in the library and can pick it up for you right away instead of waiting for a staff member to print the holds list. Another library could do it ahead of us and this would delay your title by several days or weeks depending on the location it is coming from.
Step 4: Click “Place Hold” It should say “Your hold was placed successfully”. Otherwise if the library is not open or is not sharing items at this time, you will get another message that let’s you know they could not place that item on hold.

If you have any questions about reserving other materials from a library within our consortium, please contact us at 970-532-2757

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