Summer Learning 2022

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Welcome to our Summer Learning Program!

This year’s theme is: Oceans of Possibilities.

Page Contents:

  1. Registration
  2. Summer Learning Booklet
  3. What is Summer Learning
  4. How to Participate as a Child, Teen, or Adult
  5. Prizes
  6. Events
  7. Questions

1. Registration:

Signing up is simple! You can come in to the library to register, or fill out our online registration form below.

Please fill out a form for every child/teen participating.

2. Summer Learning Booklet:

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Our Summer Learning Booklet holds information like what it is, how to participate, events, and a tracking log. Pick one up at the Library or reference the online version.

3. What is Summer Learning?

Summer Learning is a fun way to keep your brain engaged over the summer break. In 2020 we expanded our summer program from Summer Reading to Summer Learning. We wanted to encourage self-directed learning by offering a different approach to the traditional summer program. Self-directed learning teaches the skill of knowing HOW to learn. Most formal school learning is teaching WHAT to learn. With the BCLD Summer Learning Initiative, we want to promote independence and freedom for participants to learn about topics that INTEREST THEM.

Joining the Summer Learning Initiative is a positive step for your whole family! Research shows that reading at any age helps our brains, but it’s especially important for kids to avoid “summer slide”. Summer Slide might sound like a fun activity on the playground, however it’s a loss of knowledge children can experience every summer break from school.

While reading is very important, we understand that not everyone learns the same way. So instead of only having reading as a choice to earn prizes, your child/teen has the option to do a project instead!

4. How to Participate:


Come to our events! We will have family events all throughout the summer, along with events for just teens and tweens.

Kids and Teens/Tweens:

Set a reading goal, or set a project goal, or combine a reading goal with a project goal. You’ll even have the chance to present your project at our End of Summer Party.

Grownups, keep track of the books you read to your little ones and they can win up to four prizes (not to mention the best thing of all – time with YOU!).

If you are stuck on how to get started on a project:

  1. Brainstorm with your child, or have your teen brainstorm, (at least) four topics they are interested in.
  2. Talk about how they will present what they’ve learned.
  3. Select books from the library, watch videos, listen to podcasts, read webpages, record observations, take pictures and notes, and talk to experts on the chosen topics.
  4. Share your projects / presentations with BCLD.


Punch Cards: For each book you read, get a punch on your punch card. Once it is full, turn it in for two tickets. One goes in the weekly drawing bin, while the other goes toward a chance to win the prize of your choice.

5. Prizes:

Children and Teens:

Your child/teen has the option of either choosing from our treasure box or entering a prize drawing that will occur on August 20th.

They can collect their prizes throughout the summer, or collect all four at the end of the summer (July 21st – August 13th).

If they would like to collect their prizes throughout the summer, we recommend collecting them every 2 weeks starting June 1st. However, the timeline is completely up to you.


Come in the Library and ask to join Adult Summer Reading. You will receive a punch card that will go towards a chance of the prize of your choice and a weekly drawing card for you to be put in a drawing immediately.

The Weekly Drawing will be pulled on Wednesday of each week. The first weekly drawing will start on June 1st and then will be pulled on Wednesday of each week of the summer.

The Prize Drawing will be drawn on Wednesday, August 17th.  

6. Events:

Family Events:

All family events will be held on Wednesdays at 2PM at the New Freedom Outreach Center, 250 Mountain Ave.

June 1st – Performer Denise Gard and dogs

June 8th – Performer Ann Lincoln

June 15th – Dancing Jellyfish Workshop

June 22nd – Kids House of Joy (Music)

June 29th – CU Discovery Educator

July 6th – Performer Steve Weeks (Music)

July 13th – Educator from Science Matters in America

July 20th – Talewise (Pirate Play)

Teen/Tween Events:

All teen events will be held on Thursdays at 2PM at the Library in the Community Room. Please register by calling (970) 532-2757 or by coming in.

June 2nd – Crafts

June 9th – Oddballs in the Ocean

June 16th – Outside Game Day (Dress to Get Wet)

June 23rd – Treasure Island LARP

June 30th – My Favorite Book Club

July 7th – Art and Class Display with Bella

July 14th – Mythic Monsters of the Deep

July 21st – Escape the Island

July 28th – Indoor Game Day (also take home any art)

Our End of Summer Learning Party will be held in the Community Room at the Library at 2PM on Wednesday, July 27th. This is your chance to present your projects!

7. Questions

If you have any questions contact:

Miss Christy
Children & Young Adult Librarian

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